About Us  

Olev Kents' Pipe Organ Workshop LLC was founded in 1997. Our primary focus is construction, restoration and maintenance of pipe organs. Our instrument craftsman Mr. Peeter Talve is also specialized in building and restoring authentic historical chordophones like harpsichords, clavichords and other instruments.

Our company resides in Tapa city where we have our own cozy studio-workshop. Building and restoration of the bigger organs will naturally take place on site. Our work also requires a lot of domestic and international traveling.

Within years we have restored organs in Estonia, Finland and Sweden. 

Our bigger domestic projects have been Keila, Saarde, Tartu-Peetri, Kose, Valga, Karksi, Lihula, Vändra, Mustvee and Tarvastu church organs and Nõo altar organ. We have also repaired and mounted organs to Kambja, Viljandi-Jaani, Viljandi-Pauluse, Jõhvi, Kärdla and Tartu-Jaani churches. We also mounted practice organs to Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Our company has built new practice organs for Estonian Music and Theater Academy and for G.Ots' Music School as well as built smaller custom made pipe organs for private use.