Olev Kents' Organ Workshop was established in 1997. The need to form a company emerged when the organ in Keila Church needed to be restored but the company that initially proposed to do the job had switched gears and directions. The same proposition was made to Olev Kents and he accepted. That large scale project was labor intensive and required more workforce which lead to establishing an LLC.

Company had survived 15 years through hectic Estonian economy due to a solid export potential. Depending on a year our export share has been 20% - 60% of company's  turnover. Our credit rating has always been good. Depending on the range of the on-going projects company has had up to 8 employees.

We moved in to the new and modern workshop/studio at the end of 2003. That made production expansion and especially export much easier than before. Prior to that day most of work was done in a small domestic workshop and even in a garage.