Xylophone Karl

Our instrument craftsman Peeter Talve had planned to make a hand-made gift for his grandson's birthday.

He wanted to make an instrument that would be educational, fun and age appropriate. Xylophone looked like a good idea.

A few weeks and prototypes later a xylophone "Karl" was born.

It's a great instrument for kids in kindergarten, pre-(music) school and throughout the whole elementary school. Great for developing concentration, co-ordination and a sense of rhythm. The best part is that the xylophone can be taken apart - every key can be played separate, that way kids can have their own key to play. This is a perfect first introduction to playing in the school orchestra.

"Karl" has 8 notes/keys and every key comes with its own soundboard and a hammer.

Xylophone is hand-crafted, made of wood and covered with linseed oil.

Phonetic features of the xylophone are developed by Peeter Talve.

Watch how xylophone is being used in a pre-school music lesson

Additional information


pine, birch


10 cm/3.9 inches


47 cm/18.5 inches


29 cm/ 11.4 inches



Price of one tone - €25 

One octave Xylofon - €200

Please drop us an email to get quotes for special orders, modifications or bulk orders.